Students are the sculptures of the future of India. So there is big responsibility on shoulders of teachers. The very important thing is that a teacher who must give out his knowledge to his students. He must develop his personality and aspects and the good character in front of his students. He must have a tact to deal with students and he must have politeness in him. He should behave respectfully with everyone. He should develop a good thinking and good sense of humor in students. He should make the students to find out the answers of questions arising in the future. He should make the students to be bold to fight against any political religion, social, surroundings around him. And to bear all the difficult situations.

On one side it is the century of knowledge, but another side there is poverty, poor and social tensions, which makes a person angry , teacher should develop the present values in the students and give him the way to live to live. A student must have positive outlook , this outlook should be develop by teacher. A student should not over look but he should pay attention on his physical development, this is the responsibility of teacher.

A thought "sound mind in sound body "

As 'Vinobha Bhave says teachers should be brilliant and so as he student should be brilliant and both student and teacher should be scholar and knowledge should be gained as social work. Education's last aim is the development of society and country.

"Good teacher makes good schools

Good school makes good students

Good students became good citizens

Good citizens make good Nation".